Friday, June 02, 2006

Podcast: Absolutely Intercultural with a Nordic Voice approach

The bi-weekly Absolutely Intercultural Podcast hosted by Anne Fox has a Nordic voice approach with an opening song in Finnish, called Jakkalakkar, which loosely translates as “business Cockroaches”, available for free download at
Todays’ guest interview with Icelandic Gunnhildur Oskardottir who spent three years in Scotland, may reveal more abut her Icelandic culture that about Scotland. The AI blog has comments from listeners; one about an important book, The Nurture Assumption, from Lon, more about this at and from Paul we hear about the suggestion that culture may be programmed in as a template in the same way as many believe language is.
In Absolutely Theoretical, the Remagen station continues its discussion about the metaphor of culture as the software of the mind.

Absolutely Addictive: We finish with the Polar Bear podcast where you will always find out something new about Sweden in every episode. This extract comes from a special joint episode in March where Andy, the Polar Bear podcast host teamed up with Bruce of the Canadian Zedcast podcast and in which they compared notes about misconceptions about their respective countries.

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