Sunday, June 12, 2005

Aloha coach Rosa Say, you made MY day!

Dear Rosa Say,

and welcome to my virtual home office! For some weeks, I've known about you as an innovative writer and coach, with your Hawaiian woman's powerful approach to "Aloha management", and as soon as I joined your community blog at Talking Story the night before yesterday, I was very heartily welcomed, with a personal style welcome email from you, encouraging me to introduce myself. The headline of your mail was: You made my day! And all I can say is that this really made me feel good inside and want to come back for more!

I've been wondering what's your special approach that makes me relax and just like what I read without resistance, and I think I'm touched by this way of involving your readers so naturally in an online community. Another gift from you that I feel connected with, is your personal way of mediating practical life wisdom and profound insight in the local Hawaiian way of looking at life, expressed in the usage of Hawaiian terms to explain simple things and rules for your mutual engagement with others, also called Managing with Aloha, the title of your book.

It was introduced and discussed in Lisa Kimball's May book club at but I have to admit I was one of those silent readers, learning vicariously from the conversation of others. Too many time taking, meaningless engagements and useless stuff need to be thrown out of my life, before a more relaxed and back leaned summer where I can work at my own pace.

I've skimmed the first chapters of Managing with Aloha, but resisted to buy it yet. I'm directly touched and I see that I'm already on the move since the start of this year, and I've come a long way with some of these ways to keep my life more organized and leave out needless activities, scrap artifacts and time thieves that are noisy or irrelevant; But after reading your blog and joining your community, I cannot resist much longer :-)

OK, this was not much of an intro to myself. This blog would tell some more, and I'll be back soon with more thoughts and inputs. In the meantime just had to say,

goddag from Denmark



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Rosa Say said...

Aloha Susanne, and goddag!

What a wonderful post this is, I am touched and honored to be welcomed in such a warm way to your own online community.

I am so very glad you discovered Talking Story too, so that your World around Webheads and the Ho'ohana Community can have the opportunity to bridge the oceans between us and become one welcoming neighborhood, kakou (inclusively) when they choose to share their aloha too.

I will indeed be back for more, reading your blog and getting to know you better.
Malama pono - I wish for you the healthy balance you are seeking this summer.