Monday, May 31, 2004

Mapping our environment - a collaborative blogging project

In an online community, people are connected from all over the world. As we do not meet face to face, we con help making a better image of each other by sharing some local information about geography: where we live, what the landscape or city looks like, how you can get to where we live, etc.

On the WWW, you will find today many useful resources to help locating our online presence. In the online community English for Webheads, participants join from all over the world. Some days ago Vance Stevens suggested a project trying to create a pool of informations about our surroundings. At the same time, this will be another reason for learning how to create your personal homepage, such as this blog.

I'll post this as a consent to contribute to this project, and in the meantime, I will go to the search engine Google and find some useful links that can show you where I live; in Farum, Denmark, Europe.


Bee said...

Welcome to blogosphere Sus and count me in your project.
Warm regards from Sao Paulo - Brazil,

SusNyrop said...

Dear Bee, grace to your patient help, I managed to insert that little trick code string for adding atom feed to my blog. Now if anybody cares, they could click on this, and then what? They will get to a page where they can read some lines of each posting from MY page. I still need to figure out how to create MY blog roll and find out how I can manage the so-called RSS feed and be alerted about updated blogs from others (such as yours)...

There's still a missing link in my understanding, but at least I'm aware of something that I want to know but cannot figure out. Code is hard to break for a stubborn reader like myself, I want every line to make sense. Instead of just following instructions.

Bee said...

To create your own blogroll try Bloglines ( and you'll get notified whenever there are news from the people and sites you have chosen. More information on RSS for educators can be found at: as you probably know already.