Monday, November 24, 2008

SL workshop hands on: Plastilina in conversation

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SL workshop hands on: Plastilina in conversation

Location: IT university of Copenhagen, October 08.
Event: AoIR9 pre-conference SL workshop

Jason Nolan, Toronto, had provided small packages of colourful plastilina for each table of conversation. Without any further instructions. Some people like getting their fingers into modeling, while others just left the substance untouched.

At my table, we started to collect our little models on a sheet of paper, that took a life of its own as a similation of a SL sim, with limited space, personal avatars, some buildings - churches, a fortress, a lighthouse. Two combattants were having a sword fight while a saint was trying to make peace, There was a well, complete with water and a rose, and a pig (or was it a bear?) We did not talk much, as the negociation for space and artefacts was done silently,sort of a bach channel activity parallel with the presentations and following conversations.

To me, this was an eye opener for how much I am a tactile learner, and also the afrordance of collaboration around such a minor aestetic project, as a "common third".

I'm posting this picture for the MUVEnation exercise called eureka! moments.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Working with my fear of tall things

Building ground_005
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MUVEnation - blogging at Eduspaces

As I'm currently enrolled in the European MUVEnation project and made up my mind to take up blogging over at Eduspaces, there may be less activity right here, for the time being. Many webheads with a love for Second Life and other multi user virtual environments (MUVEs) are also engaged in MUVEnation, so from time to time, I plan to come back here for a short briefing.

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