Sunday, June 06, 2004

How to start using Blogger

Blogger is simple to use!

Register at , find a powerful name for your blog - and start it!

Create one or more posts and have a preview to see what it looks like. The easiest way is using the Compose template, but if you already know some HMTL, you can write in Edit HTML format.

You don't even have to know in details what you wish to publish, because you can let your post stay private, and edit it later before you submit it.

What do Webheads do?

Webheads in Action is a robust online community of language educators and course developers sharing a passion for online communication and learning together. etc etc blah blah

Location: Farum, Denmark - linking to maps online

I've done some research to find the best way to represent my local environment to create our hyperlinked Webheads map. Tomorrow I will make a more serious attempt to share these links, so the page can be ready for our Sunday Webheads session. At least I did make a new posting - all I have is to open and edit it :-)